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A Taste of Sonoma

one of our favorite places

We are so happy to have you here to help us celebrate and wanted to share a few of our favorites in a place that has become so special to us. We come up to Sonoma for day trips and weekend visits, wine pickups, meals with friends and relaxation in "our backyard." We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Valley Bar & Bottle

Right on the square in Sonoma, there are great bites to be had at this eatery that features seasonal ingredients and unique wines. Most dishes are designed to be shared, which gives you the chance to try a lot of different options.

The Girl & The Fig

Also on the square, G&F is a long-time staple of the Sonoma scene and also focuses on fresh, local, ingredients. Great cocktails, extensive wine list focused on the Rhone region of France and the food has always delivered.

Tasca Tasca

Portuguese (yes Portuguese not Spanish) tapas located on the square. As you can imagine with this type of food, lots of different plates to try and with the Portuguese spin, a lot of flavors folks might not have tried before but are very tasty. Chef’s more formal restaurant – La Salette – is on the opposite side of the square.

Vella Cheese Co.

A Hanoian Family favorite, Seta has been coming here since she was just a little girl. Nora and Harvey would often purchase entire wheels of Dry Jack to take home (and you wonder where her love of wine and cheese comes from)! Located a few blocks of the square (approx. 10-minute walk), Vella makes a couple of our favorite cheeses and few trips to Sonoma are now complete without a stop here. They’re famous for the Dry Jack, and the Mezzo Secco is another favorite. Samples are usually available so you can try before you buy. This is a great stop before any picnic on the square.

More food

El Molino Central

About 15 minutes north of the square, this casual spot quickly became one of our favorites. Don’t miss the chips and guacamole, and while the menu changes regularly, you can usually find the Chicken Enchiladas Suizas and Rufina’s Pork Tamales, (Seta and Dave’s go-to dishes). Breakfast can be had Friday-Sunday, with Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros on offer. They have a fridge packed with goods to take home if you don’t have the chance to try the food while in town. Weekends here can be busy, but don’t be discouraged. If driving, park a couple blocks away as the restaurant has limited parking. Step inside to order, then head out back with your drink of choice and wait for your food to be brought to you. If you’re staying at the Fairmont, this is a super short walk, just across Highway 12.


Even if not required, reservations are recommended for all wine tastings.

WALT Wines

Located just off the square, we’ve been members for a few years, enjoying their Pinot Noirs. Make sure to book their Sonoma location (not the Napa tasting room).


Located in the opposite corner of the square to WALT, Pangloss has a wider range of wines to choose from, focusing on many local offerings, and a nice (and cool if it’s hot out) tasting room.

Not into Wine?

El Dorado Kitchen

On the square in the hotel of the same name, they’ve got a great smaller bar for cocktails and an outdoor dining area. During peak times, sitting outside usually requires both food and drink.

La Casa

Sonoma’s best margarita, per the locals. It sits in the El Paseo Courtyard just off the square so you can enjoy your drink outside.

Murphy’s Irish Pub

Another institution in Sonoma that’s located on the square. Outdoor seating available and exactly what you would expect from a pub.

Beyond the few wine options listed above, there are more options than we could ever hope to list for visits and tastings. If you have a favorite that you’re going to visit, let us know so we can add it to our list.


THE Square

You’ve seen it referenced many times above, but the town of Sonoma is oriented around the lovely Sonoma Plaza square in the center of town, surrounded by food, drink and stores of all kinds. It also boasts the last California mission and some lovely architecture. If all else fails, finds some snacks and drinks and have a nice little picnic in the grass.

Sonoma Bike Path

This trail is a flat stroll that cuts through Sonoma State Historic Park (and near General Vallejo’s home, now a museum) and affords a nice easy walk near the downtown area.

Jack London State Historic Park

The park offers historic buildings dating back to the late 1870's, great scenic beauty and more than 20 miles of trails open to hikers, bikers and horseback riders.

Cornerstone Gardens

Where Dave proposed to Seta! Stop by for a leisurely stroll through the gardens, each with a different design style and features. Cornerstone also offers a few shops, tasting room, and a restaurant.